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Beloved Community Center

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Intake Center (IC) Assistant (Dallas, Brazos)

Responsible for online, phone and in-person application processing to ensure all documentation is received and accurate and thereafter forward to Intake Counselors for processing; answers/responds to incoming calls, chats, and emails in a timely fashion; assists with scheduling applicant in-person and Zoom appointments; follow-ups with applicants to ensure all documents received and available to respond to all online, chat, phone, email, and in person questions; responsible for contacting county departments to locate homeowners delinquent on taxes, HOA's, mortgage and insurance payments; canvasses various organizations to offer assistance; researches potential program partners. Reports to the Intake Center (IC) Manager and/or Intake Center (IC) Director.

Intake Center Clerk (Dallas, Brazos)

Conducts intake assessments for Socially Disadvantaged Individuals/Homeowners; provides comprehensive services in-office, via popup events, by phone and virtually; ensure all necessary TXHAF documentation is received; verify the accuracy and legitimacy of documentation received; responsible for same day response to calls, chats, and emails; schedules screenings for applicants; responsible for processing walk-in, scheduled, popup, phone, email and virtual appointments; follow-ups with applicants to ensure all documents received, legitimate; travel to popup events in order to explain TXHAF program to participants and process onsite applications accordingly; reviews application progress and determines next steps; monitors/documents application progress for every applicant; make outbound calls in order to generate leads. Reports to the Intake Center (IC) Manager and/or Intake Center (IC) Director.

Event Set-Up Technician & Assistant (Dallas, Brazos)

Responsible for transporting, loading and unloading tent equipment to include tent(s), folding table and chairs, lighting, computers, scanners, collateral materials. Set-up and maintain tent areas; responsible for staging which includes tent set-up, hanging banners (i.e., retractable, fabric, flags, A-Frames and posters); setting up workstations for Intake personnel; lighting set up; keeping food stations stocked; monitor and maintain cleanliness, sanitation, and organization of assigned location and service areas; breaking down all equipment and loading designated vehicles; cleaning, returning, packing storing, and transporting tent equipment to proper location and/or storage facility; able to move, lift, carry, push, pull, and place objects weighing less than or equal to 50 pounds without assistance and objects weighing in excess of 175 pounds with assistance; also provides as-needed security. Reports to the Intake Center (IC) Manager and/or Intake Center (IC) Director.

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