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Beloved Community Center

Grantwriting | Funding Research | DEI Workshops

Business People

Award-winning Grantwriting

Anyone can write a grant, but not everyone can win one. At Beloved Community Center, we're grant winners! We've helped our clients get over $4.16 million in awards.

Will you be our next award winner?

Candle Store Owner

Check out our $4.16 million of Funded Proposals



We provide award winning consulting with nonprofit leadership and boards to address emergent issues such as: re-branding; “mission creep;” diversifying revenue streams; and expanding successful programs and/or projects via “new money” and conducting funding research.

Services Start Today


We provide leadership and administrative coaching for founders of nonprofit startups

Strategic Planning

We assist and guide nonprofit boards with award-winning strategic planning


We facilitate grant writing workshops for nonprofit startups and more established 501(c)3 organizations

Educational Literature

We offer Christian educational literature to congregations serving low-income neighborhoods and diverse communities

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Workforce Development

At BCC, we also provide supplemental workforce development for difficult to employ individuals via “soft skills” training such as writing cover letters, resumes, etc.

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